Monday, September 8, 2014

8 September

Happy Mooncake Festival peeps!

It's the once a year celebration with your loved ones. Hope i can eat "Tuan Yuan Fan" with my families too...instead of being here..... (decipher the connotation)

Seriously, i am sick of people thinking about themselves only. I know i depend on you, I know i have to rely on you, but it does not mean that you are being given the authority to show and say whatever you want to me or us. It just does not justify. Sometimes i just know things, but i dont say it out, because i dont want to.

Another kind of people making me feel sick is those people who only remember me when they need me. When i dont have any use to them, i am just someone they can ignore as easily as ignoring a stray cat. But when i am needed, they would approach me to satisfy their needs.

And some people like to take other's good deed as granted. You thought they would remember you but no. They won't. Never. They just take it as granted and not even a single thank you is said to you.

So, my advice is "Stay away from these people whenever you have the chance. Stay Away."

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

6 August

Wow! Just saw that my last entry was on 21 long ago....i bet this blog is suffering from lack of care and love...Lol..

Am undergoing internship at the moment, and the 30-days are finally coming to an end two days after. Still have piles of works to be done but never to be prioritized by me...yup, the lazy bum...

Anyway, it's Hari Raya now and hopefully everyone has a great Raya this year...Wishing for the best for myself too. XD

Here's a photo with no relation at all....longing for a great life!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Just another entry

Haven't been updating for succchh a long time...well, i was/am busied by trivial thingy...too  much stuffs going on here and there...time passed like "zoop"...maybe Potter did his magic..Puff!haha...well....go back to the year~did I say this before?Nah...watever..

This year has been a lot of thinking for me...a lot of questioning...a lot of Yes/No decisions...i was always stuck in the grey zone, not knowing what was the best for myself...well..i will be facing those confusing questions in the vague future...too much...too much...

I have been thinking...what should I do? Pursuing a realm of unreachable? or stop pursuing and stay low....stay on where everyone around is hoping me to stay...where life is nothing but a secured job. (p/s: I called it a job as i havent found my vocation yet). As of now, i haven't received the calling...well...not exactly the calling by the way, my God is Buddha... whatever you call it, i have yet to find the voice inside myself that tells me to chase after something. As of now, I am just stepping my foot into everything to find my path...

Where is my path? sometimes, it gets brighter, sometimes, i thought i was not going to make it through...Not much time left for me to do my thinking, apparently, since it's the final year..I have to decide as soon as possible..My choice..It is the fee for growing up...

Apart from these topic for a while.....EXAM IS GOING ON NOW! When i am supposed to bury my head in the piles of booksssssss....I am writing an entry...cheers! It is just who I am...hahaha

Not much to say after all, just Good Luck to myself, though Luck does not help much here.

with <3 p="">evon